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  • Constantine Nikitiadis

    Constantine Nikitiadis


  • Gabrielle Lisk

    Gabrielle Lisk

    Interested in taking dense psychology concepts and applying them in a way that’s easily accessible

  • Marc Hutchinson

    Marc Hutchinson

    Director, Service Cloud Innovation and Master Solution Engineer at Salesforce

  • Magna Fernandes

    Magna Fernandes

    Tecnologista, mother of cats 🐈🐈 Daniele e Sebastião, otimista e nerd.

  • Mohamed Chenini

    Mohamed Chenini

  • Peter Zhegin

    Peter Zhegin

    Invest 💸 @ Sistema.vc, host 🎙 fantastic entrepreneurs and investors @ datafounders.io, get smashed 🤼‍♂️ @ zrteam.co.uk. Data science startups, neurotech, VC

  • Eric Otto

    Eric Otto

  • John David Chibuk

    John David Chibuk

    Founder, building teams and products to shape the future.

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